Public Establishment Joint Technical Secretariat in Vilnius will employ


of the Interreg V-A  Poland – Denmark – Germany – Lithuania – Sweden (South Baltic) Programme 2014-2020 (further on – Programme)

Contact Point in Vilnius (Lithuania)


The Information specialist will be employed by the Public Establishment Joint Technical Secretariat (Viešoji įstaiga Jungtinis Techninis Sekretoriatas) acting as the hosting institution of the Contact Point.

The employment of information specialist is foreseen on a full-time basis (40 hours a week) for the period from 1 August 2016 until the end of 2020.



The following tasks are foreseen for the Information specialist:

Management and coordination of the Contact Point:

a)      cooperating with the Managing Authority and  the Joint Secretariat, in the implementation and promotion of the Programme; collaboration with regional and local level organisations in Lithuania;

b)      preparation of annual work plans;

c)      reporting;

d)     contribution to the organisation of the Programme meetings in Lithuania;

e)      supporting the tasks for of the Monitoring Committee.

Programme promotion, project development and training:

a)      coordinating, preparing and implementing the Programme promotion and information activities in Lithuania (info days and promotion workshops),

b)      providing information about the Programme to potential applicants in English and/or Lithuanian languages (direct contact, phone, e-mail, regional websites etc.),

c)      supporting the Joint Secretariat in organising Programme events such as “European Cooperation Day”, info days, partner search forums and seminars,

d)     preparing and/or assisting the Joint Secretariat in the preparation of brochures, leaflets (both electronic and hard copies) and other publications,

e)      distributing Programme advertising materials,

f)       support for project development and generation,

g)      providing consultation to applicants on how to correctly fill in the formal application form,

h)      informing potential beneficiaries about the First Level Control requirements,

i)        providing advice to partners of running operations (First Level Control, contracting requirements, public procurement procedures etc.).

Communication, dissemination and capitalisation of Programme achievements:

a)     organising local and regional dissemination activities,

b)     participating in external events at local/regional level to disseminate the results achieved by the Programme,

c)     ensuring public relations with the media on regional and local levels,

d)    supporting the communication activities of the Joint Secretariat (e.g. updating the Programme website and newsletter),

e)     contributing to the capitalisation activities of the Joint Secretariat (e.g. identifying and recording good practices and project results achieved in the regions);

f)      helping the Joint Secretariat in organising Programme events.


Detailed Job Description can be found here: LINK


1. University degree in the field of communication, public relations, journalism, public administration, business administration or other relevant field.

2. Good command both of written and oral Lithuanian and English languages; knowledge of other Programme languages would be an advantage.

3. Good knowledge of EU legislation (relevant EU Regulations) related to use of the Programme funds, requirements on visibility and information and procurement procedures to be applied.

4. Good knowledge of the main Programme documents and the Programme area.

5. Good knowledge of relevant Lithuanian legislation and ability to use it in practice.

6. Good knowledge of Lithuanian regional development strategies and priorities.

7. Not less than 2 years of professional experience and experience of work with international programmes or projects and/or in the field of public relations or journalism. Experience of working at public sector treated as advantage.

8. Good organisational, administrative and communication skills.

9. Ability to plan and organise work independently, to work in an international team and in multicultural environment.

10. Good public writing and presentation skills.

11. Ability to manage information, to file it, systemise, make conclusions.

12. Computer literacy (MS Office Pro, Internet).


Please, apply before the 23rd of June!

APPLY BY 23RD OF JUNE. Fill in your EUROPASS CV and Motivation Letter (both documents in Lithuanian and English) here: https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/editors/lt/cv/compose and send your documents in Europass XML/pdf XML format to info@vilniusjts.eu not later than the 23rd of June 2016.


The job interviews are planned to be held during the last week of June.


Should you have any questions, please contact the Director of the Joint Technical Secretariat Auksė Bernadišienė: aukse.bernadisiene@vilniusjts.eu.